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The RNAimmuno database is created to provide information concerning non-specific effects generated in cells by RNA interference triggers and microRNA regulators. These reagents, besides triggering intended sequence specific effects, often cause unintended sequence-non-specific immune responses. The activation of the cellular sensors of foreign RNA or DNA can lead to the induction of type 1 IFN and cytokine release. Changes in cellular transcriptome and proteome may result in cell death or can lead to a misinterpretation of experimental results. The RNAimmuno gather information regarding the cellular sensors of foreign RNA, the signalling pathways these sensors mobilize and shows which specific features of the RNA reagents set the responsive systems on alert. Published data of the toxic effects caused in the investigated cell lines, tissues and model organisms by the RNAs of specific types and structures are collected and may be helpful in any further applications of RNAi and microRNA technologies. Detailed information concerning sequence-non-specific responses can be found in our recent review: “Sequence-non-specific effects of RNA interference triggers and microRNA regulators”.(Olejniczak et al. Nucleic Acids Research 2010)